Virtual Card Show

Since my regular card shows are being cancelled for the foreseeable future, I'm putting some virtual card show for my customers and followers. It's just like a card show you'd visit in person, except it's online!

Here's how it works:
1. I'll be broadcasting live on Instagram. The live broadcasting is so that I am available to answer your questions, show you cards up close- basically do everything I usually do at the shows when you come up to my booth!

2. Part of the fun of coming to the show is being able to browse my bargain boxes. These are boxes filled with cards as low as $5 each. So, I am in the process of labelling and scanning all of these cards so you can browse and purchase them just like you are at a show. 


3. I DO TRADE. Please check this page to see what I'm looking for: My Want List for Trading.


• For cards that are on the website, you can simply order them on the site.
• For cards in the bargain boxes you'll need to email me: with the sticker numbers of the cards you are interested in. I will then send an invoice for all of the ones in stock with flat rate shipping.
• For cards not yet on the site, but featured in the show, please email me and I will hit you back after the show! This is my email:

If you want to do a combination- purchasing some from the site and some from the boxes, that's no problem. Make all of your site purchases first, and then I will do free combined shipping to get you the other cards you are interested in.