Want List

I'm always looking to BUY and TRADE. See what I'm looking for below and reach out if you have something you think I'd be interested in!

The following are the cards I am currently looking to trade for most:
1. Michael Jordan / Kobe Bryant Dual Autograph Card (On card autograph)
2. Michael Jordan Dunk N Go Nuts
3. Dennis Rodman Exquisite Limited Logos
4. Lebron James Supreme Hard Court Autograph

• Michael Jordan Upper Deck Patch Cards, Autographed Cards 
• Michael Jordan Rare 90's Inserts and numbered cards - Dunk N Go Nuts etc.
• Game-Used Shoe Cards (Sneaker Swatch, Shoetime, Sneak Peak etc.)
• Supreme Hard Court Jumbo Floor Autographs:
       (Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Allen Iverson, Ben Simmons, Hakeem Olajuwon, Vince Carter)
• Supreme Hard Court Jumbo Floor Jerseys:
        (Jordan, Lebron, QUAD: Jordan + Bird + Magic + Dr. J)
• Star players from Fleer/Skybox Autographics (1990's) - Tim Duncan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley etc.
• Ja Morant Autographs (on card preferred)
• Giannis Antetokounmpo Autographs (on card preferred, or full sig stickers)
• Tim Duncan On-card Autographs (Topps)
• Kevin Durant Rookie Autographs
• Kevin Durant Patch cards (nuumbered)
• 1996-97 E-X200 Credentials (all players)
• Kobe Bryant Autographed Cards - First name only "Kobe 8" (1996-2001)
• Dennis Rodman Autographs (1990's)
• Dennis Rodman Patch Cards (any years)
• Stephen Curry On-Card Autographs & Patch Cards
• Jimmy Butler Rookie Autographs
• Game-Used Nike Patches (Brand Logo from Immaculate)
• Thomas Bryant Rare cards and autographs
• 2004-05 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Signature Patch Cards
• Panini Revolution Cubic Autographs (2017-18)
• Panini Revolution Infinite Autographs (2018-19)
• Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Limited Logos Cards (All years, most players)
• Immaculate Acetate Autographed Cards
• Prizm Silver Autographs (All rookies and most stars)
• Upper Deck & Fleer On-Card Autographs from the 90's
• Uncut Card Sheets (Basketball Cards)

• Upper Deck (UDA) Autographed items from Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant
• Autographed Shoes (most players)
• Certified Game Used/Game Issued clothing (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Thomas Bryant)

BULK BASKETBALL (big lots of lower-end basketball cards)
• Finest Refractors
• Chrome Refractors
• Flawless & Immaculate Base Cards (numbered)
• Prizm Silver and Colors (no base)
• Autographs (on card preferred)

• Derek Jeter on-card autographs