Want List

I'm always looking to BUY and TRADE. See what I'm looking for below and reach out if you have something you think I'd be interested in!

• Game-Used Shoe Cards (Sneaker Swatch, Shoetime etc.)
• Ja Morant Autographs
• Kemba Walker Rookie Autographed Cards & Patch Cards
• Michael Jordan Upper Deck Patch Cards, Autographed Cards 
• Michael Jordan Rare 90's Inserts
• 1996-97 E-X200 Credentials (all players)
• Kobe Bryant Autographed Cards - First name only "Kobe 8" (1996-2001)
• Tim Duncan On-card Autographs (Topps)
• Dennis Rodman Autographs (1990's)
• Dennis Rodman Patch Cards (any years)
• Stephen Curry On-Card Autographs & Patch Cards
• Game-Used Nike Patches
• 2004-05 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Signature Patch Cards
• Star players from Fleer/Skybox Autographics (1990's)
• Panini Revolution Cubic Autographs (2017-18)
• Panini Revolution Infinite Autographs (2018-19)
• Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Limited Logos Cards (All years, most players)
• High-end Chauncey Billups Cards
• Thomas Bryant Rare cards and autographs
• Immaculate Acetate Autographed Cards
• Upper Deck & Fleer On-Card Autographs from the 90's
• Uncut Card Sheets (Basketball Cards)

• Upper Deck (UDA) Autographed items from Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant
• Autographed Shoes (most players)
• Certified Game Used/Game Issued clothing

• Tom Brady on-card autographs
• 1990's SPX Autographed Cards of top players (Griffey Jr., Piazza, Gretzky etc.)
• Derek Jeter on-card autographs